1. All affiliated clubs and their members must abide by the CFOGA General Rules and Code of Conduct.
  2. All affiliated clubs must appoint a safety officer to implement the CFOGA Health and Safety guidelines – the CFOGA must be informed who this person is.
  3. All affiliated clubs must appoint a Welfare Officer to implement the CFOGA guidance – the CFOGA must be informed who this person is.
  4. Club secretaries must send a copy of their insurance to the CFOGA prior to each CFOGA AGM and update as necessary. Failure to send updated copies to the CFOGA will result in the club being unable to take part in events.
  5. No advertising is permitted on wooden four-oared gigs, but advertising is permitted anywhere on the oars.
  6. All oars to be made of timber and with symmetrical pencil or macon type blades.
  7. All thole pins are to be made of timber.
  8. No performance enhancing or illegal drug taking is permitted. Any club or individual found doing so will be subject to disciplinary procedures.
  9. Any boat going to sea should carry a VHF radio and where possible a club member should be alerted to listen ashore on an agreed channel.
  10. A rower may row in open races from the age of 16.
  11. A rower becomes a veteran on their 40th birthday and a supervet on their 50th birthday.
  12. Health and Safety Guidelines are to be completed a month prior to an event by the host club and sent to the CFOGA.
  13. Any safety incident must be notified to the CFOGA using the incident report form.
  14. Any individual with a connection to the CPGA or CRA should declare his/her interests when any subject relating to either the CRA or the CPGA and CFOGA is brought forward for discussion and also when standing for a CFOGA committee position.
  15. The accounts of the CFOGA will be independently audited annually.


Get in touch if anything is unclear or you’d like more information.