Being part of CFOGA allows you to participate in regattas, leagues and other events.

CFOGA club affiliation is free of charge until October 31st 2022 and you don’t even need to own a four-oared gig.

To get the ball rolling, GRP racing and leagues can start immediately and we will be organising open regattas and events using the wooden gigs in 2022. However, we hope that, over time, clubs will also have their own traditional wooden racing gigs.

With your participation, we aim to grow the sport into something very special.

CFOGA has acquired two new GRP association training gigs built by Trevor Deakin, “Four-Titude” and “Oar-Dacity”, which are now available to be loaned out to rowing clubs on a short-term basis across the UK. CFOGA affiliated clubs can request to join the waiting list to borrow one of these boats by contacting us.

Benefits of joining

  • Low cost to clubs – free until October 2022, then just £125 for the first year
  • Free access to association training gigs and oars (subject to conditions)
  • Full support and advice for all affiliated clubs
  • Regional representatives in all areas where there are CFOGA clubs
  • Relatively small boats – easy to handle both on and off the water
  • Fewer rowers required for sessions
  • Existing oars can easily be modified to fit four-oared gigs
  • GRP racing and local leagues can start with immediate effect
  • Racing and time-trialled events in existing wooden gigs will start in 2022
  • Clubs do not need to own a four-oared gig
  • Regular updates, features and articles about every aspect of four-oared gig racing
  • We will be adding many more useful resources over the winter, available exclusively to CFOGA affiliated clubs

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