Why Four-Oared Gigs?

Cornish Four-Oared Gigs are three quarters of the size of their six-oared counterparts and much easier to maneuver, both on and off the water.

The Boats

According to Ralph Bird’s plans, Cornish Four-Oared Gigs are 24’ in length and 4’3 1/2” in the beam. Many of the stipulations and regulations are similar to the Cornish Pilot Gigs. The building inspections are also carried out in much the same way.

All new builds of four-oared gigs require a license which is available from the CFOGA. Gig builders must appear on the CFOGA supplier list – this can be done by contacting us.

Racing Rules

We believe that as much freedom as possible should be given to the clubs when holding race events – this allows for variety and excitement at regattas. The onus should be on the coxswains to avoid any clashes or damage to the boats and crews. To this end, CFOGA does not insist that umpires call out who has water when approaching any turns in the course (though if the host club wishes to do this, then that is also acceptable). All coxswains must abide by the simple rule that if you steer into another boat, it is your fault!

How a host club decides on its courses, starts, buoy turns and finish lines is up to them – as long as all racing is carried out in a fair and safe manner. Please feel free to contact us for advice on any aspect of racing.

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Regatta in Bristol
Boy Ben four-oared gig

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Affiliation to the CFOGA is offered free to all rowing clubs until October 2022, when the cost will then rise to £125 per annum. To assist as many rowers as possible, clubs may apply to CFOGA to borrow one of the association training gigs for a period of two to four weeks at a time.