1. Purpose

1.1  This Affiliation Policy is to support the Constitution and Code of Conduct of the Cornish Four-Oared Gig Association (CFOGA) and to ensure that existing Affiliate Clubs and new applicants seeking affiliation to the CFOGA are treated fairly.

2. Affiliation

2.1  All Affiliate Clubs or those wishing to apply for affiliation will own or have exclusive use of a CFOGA certified Cornish Four-Oared Gig (wooden or GRP) at within two years of their affiliation to CFOGA (at their own cost).

2.2 Applications for affiliation and any written submission will be considered by the Trustees at any time throughout the year.

2.3  Clubs should email info@cfoga.org.uk to request an affiliation application.

2.4  Approval will be decided by a majority vote of the Trustees within 14 days from submission of application.

2.5  The CFOGA year shall run from 1 November to 31st October annually.

2.6  Affiliation renewal subscriptions are due by 31st October each year.

2.7 Any affiliate club may resign by giving notice in writing to the CFOGA Secretary. No refund of any affiliation subscriptions already paid will be made.

2.8 Clubs which are in arrears of CFOGA subscriptions shall not be eligible for affiliation.

2.9 Clubs which have been expelled as a CFOGA Affiliate Club may not apply for re-affiliation until 12 months from the date of their expulsion, and the Trustees will not consider a club re-affiliation application unless they are satisfied that the reason(s) for the club being expelled has/have since been rectified.

2.10 All CFOGA Affiliate Clubs  must carry sufficient insurance to cover their activities, including marine and public liability as a minimum.

2.11 General information on insurance and membership will be supplied to the CFOGA on an annual basis as requested.

2.12  The contact for the club gives permission for their name, address, phone number and email to be shared with all CFOGA Affiliated Clubs.

Please refer to the GDPR Data Protection Privacy Notice.

3. Subscriptions

3.1 The Affiliation Subscriptions shall be discussed and decided at the Annual General Meeting of the CFOGA each year.




v.1 (last updated 01/01/2022)


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